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Notes for Employer’s and Non-Sufferers

IBS is one of those things where if you don’t have it, you cannot begin to understand what it is like. Very little is known about IBS amongst the general public, but I shall summarise as best I can.

Although not a terminal condition, the symptoms of IBS are no joke. The main symptoms are stomach pains/cramps, Diarrhea and constipation. The lesser of the two are a well known inconvenience and bring there own amount of issues, such as sores from excessive wiping and tearing to the anus and colon. The biggest issue with IBS is the cramps, it has been noted that the amount of pain experienced by IBS sufferers has been known to extend beyond child birth and can easily cause a person to pass-out or faint. A typical attack can last anywhere from an hour to a few years, I personally had an attack which lasted 6 months.